KILLz GERMz Hand Sanitizer, 500 ml


KILLz GERMz™ is a high quality clear odorless hand sanitizing solution. The 6570% ethyl alcohol solution aggressively kills germs. KILLz GERMz™ also contains small quantities of thickeners and gell, along with aloe vera to provide a smooth gentle hand cleaning and sanitizing experience. The notional 16 oz. (16.9 oz) plastic bottle contains 500 ml. with a pump. Additional sizes available. 


Product Ingredients:


Ethyl Alcohol 65%

Polymer Acrylic*

Gel, Aloe Vera

De-ionized, Water



PSG Product Code: HW-081

KILLz GERMz™ Hand Sanitizer, 500 ml